The Old Town Hall

Numbers 2 and 4 Church Street were once the Old Town Hall which was built in 1779 to replace a still older Town Hall.  It was built of red brick in the Heavy Georgian style and the date and the initials ED (Earl of Derby) can still be seen on the rain-water head at the top of the building.  Also to be seen is the coat of arms of Lord Derby, carved in stone in Liverpool and transported along the newly constructed Leeds Liverpool Canal to a point where it could be carted to Ormskirk.   

The formal rooms were upstairs where the Earl of Derby’s Manor Court met and the Court Leet (previously the equivalent of the Local Authority) used to assemble here.

Under the Sessions Room were found the butchers’ shops with slaughter houses at the rear.  Also on the ground floor was the meal house where grain was sold on market days.

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