The Market

Ormskirk received its Market Charter in 1286 from Edward I.  In medieval times, a fair was held once a year and a market each Thursday. People travelled to the town from the surrounding countryside.  There was a great variety of goods on sale, animals were bought and sold and minstrels and players entertained.                                                                              

In Oliver Cromwell’s time, you would have heard marriage banns being read out in the market place.  By 1714, Ormskirk was already becoming famous for gingerbread.

In the 19th century, quack medicines were sold in the market.  One seller is believed to have been Mr. Beecham—famous for Beecham’s pills.

Ormskirk Market is now held on Thursdays and Saturdays with special markets held across the year to celebrate the town’s heritage.

Ormskirk Heritage Trail - The Market

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